Welcome, and the story of my crippled pothos

Welcome, houseplant moms and dads! I wanted to create a blog where I could catalog, troubleshoot, and share my experiences in collecting and keeping houseplants. I’ve always had houseplants in the home from as long as I can remember, but the collecting and learning about different genera and species has really taken off in the last year.

My hope for this blog would be that it can be a creative platform for houseplant photography, as well as a place of learning— I will share successes and failures, no matter how embarrassing.

So, to get things going, I wanted to talk about my plants (shocker). More specifically, I’d like to share where I started. My very first plant that I called my own was a Neon Pothos my mother had been neglecting. We’re talking so neglected that it’s started to variegate back to dark green– effectively accidentally creating a new variety. I still have this broken Pothos, it’s sitting in prominent view in my living room. It looks healthier these days, it’s enjoying regular (but not too regular) watering and some prime real estate in a south-east facing window.

At one point, it had been left outside (I still don’t know why) in the middle of July and half the leaves got burnt to a crisp. At this point, I (forcefully) assumed ownership. I pinched off the damaged leaves, gave it a good soak, and moved it into my apartment. It looked sparse, sad, and in desperate need of some TLC.

I’m thinking next spring will require a repot with fresh potting mix, but I would also like to propagate and start a new plant and see if I can’t start over. I’ll keep the mother plant, however, as it stands as proof that I can bring plants back to life!

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