Holiday gift ideas for plant lovers!

Hi there plant parents! Here’s a special first weekend in December blog post for you.

I’m feeling rather smug as I’ve just purchased my final gift for Christmas. The last one was a challenge so I’m feeling extra happy that the task has been completed. It got my thinking, though, that perhaps some of my readers are struggling too. So I thought I’d make a little Christmas gift idea post for the indoor gardener in your life. (Please feel free to accidentally link this to your spouses or print it out and fold it into their laundry.)

My dad was the last person I needed to buy for, and like me, he has a green thumb. He’s more of an outdoor gardener– my grandma (more about her here) still tells us stories about dad crying as a child because it was like -40oC and he just wanted to go “Outside! Outside!” He’s still a bit like that honestly.

This is why this year, I thought I’d bring the outdoors in for him when Canada’s February keeps him from starting anything in the garden.

This beauty is a seed starter with 72 starter cells, a 2″ humidity cover, and waterproof heat mat. We’ve always been nursery patrons, but this past year dad has been dropping hints about wanting to get a greenhouse. Well, I figure this would be a good “ease into it” way of seeing if the seedling life is the life for us. I’m also going to get him some seed packets, peat disks, and a grow light:

After we’ve put them to the test I will be back with a lovely review for the blog sometime in the spring.

Buying this for dad got me thinking about other things one could get for the indoor gardeners in their lives that wouldn’t necessarily break the bank, but would still be practical and pretty additions to an indoor jungle.

Now, I have never used a self watering pot before, so I can’t recommend them based on experience, but wall hanging pots are my new favourite thing in the world. In the spring I really want to try and build a vertical garden, but if you don’t have a handyman capable of building that (thanks pop) wall hanging pots are the next best thing. Imagine the trailing plant possibilities!

This is a cutie. You could go vintage or copper or brass… but those are so freaking expensive. This darling plastic watering can is less than $10 Canadian and has a beautiful pearlescent white colouring. I have one of those fancy ass watering cans and regret it. I swear by a cheap little plastic one. Mine isn’t as pretty as this one, but maybe, if I ever need to replace the one I have, this one will still be waiting on my amazon wish list.

This next one comes to you via I’m not usually an enamel pin ass bitch, but these GOT ME. They are from Modern Plant Life in Toronto, so support a Canadian small business!

If your loved one is anything like me, they have run out of surface area on which to put plants. Get them this lovely three tier macrame hanger. I don’t have a compelling sell, but believe me, they need one.

I have a cool mist humidifier and i love it. My house is heated by wood stove so the air can get very dry. That being said, I was very proactive and made sure to take precautions for my tropicals this winter. I have two very, VERY fussy guys who are giving me a few issues, but otherwise there are no problems with shrivelling or crispy leaves due to dry air. I have even moved the stromanthe and calathea into the penalty box, which is right next to the humidifier and they haven’t appeared to have developed any new melt downs. Will keep you posted, but I truly believe a cool mist humidifier is a must for any plant lover.

And that’s all for now, folks! I may return with more extra non-Wednesday posts throughout the month, but it’s a busy time of year for me and you’re not my mom, you can’t tell me how to live my life.

See you Wednesday for our regular scheduled programming.

* ps * I am testing out the Amazon affiliate program here, but please be advised that I do get a small (and boy do I mean small) commission if you were to use any of these links to purchase these products. That would just go back into paying for the domain space for this blog. If you do not want to do that, please don’t feel like you must!

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