Womp, womp…

Today’s post isn’t going to be a long one, and here’s why:

If you recall, I have rambled on in the past about how houseplants have helped to relieve some of the effects of my multiple mental health issues. All through January I was feeling fairly confident. I hadn’t had any majorly bad breakdowns, and work seemed manageable. Maybe this year would be different!

But I had gotten cocky.

February has hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’m struggling to keep my plants happy—they aren’t dying, but I might miss a watering by a day or so here and there. (I did lose the Croton, but I think we all saw that coming). Wednesday and Thursday are my days off at work, so I am going to assign an hour of my day today to care for my plants. Then I will resume the pity party in my bed.

I won’t get into the whys, but all the whys seem a thousand times worse than they need to be due to it being February.

Anyway, its really easy to forget to partake in real life when I start to feel like this, so I wanted to make sure I wrote this blog post this morning. I’ve also found that small, manageable lists help to keep me from really falling off the edge of reality, so here’s a list of self-care type things I’m going to do to stay on track. If anyone else is having a bad mental health day today, hopefully this will help you too.

  • Wash my face/brush my teeth/get dressed

I know. It’s embarrassing that this needs to go on a list, but believe me, sometimes unless you have it set as a goal, it’s hard to get stuff like this accomplished.

  • Bake some muffins

Self explanatory. Muffins make everything better.

  • Clean a room

Not all the rooms, but a room. Trust me, it’ll feel better once it’s done.

  • Spend an hour or two being a plant nerd

Give them some love, man. They didn’t ask for your shitty mood.

  • Leave the house

I wish I could say that this would result in me going for a long brisk walk, or attending a yoga class, but it probably won’t. It’s going to consist of browsing Homesense or Michaels, and me spending money I don’t have on things I don’t need.

  • Treat yo’ self

I get one guilt free purchase. Maybe it will be a new pot for a plant. Maybe it will be a new plant. The options are endless.

  • Cook a nutritious meal

I’m going to have steak with fried mushrooms and vegetables. What a great thing to look forward to.

So there we go. Not all of these tasks will be completed 100%, and that’s ok, but I have direction which gets me up out of bed and moving around, thinking about different things than all the whys that have put me into this funk.

Screw you, February. Screw. You.

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  1. I like your proactive ness on this-it’s a great example! And your “I could get a pot. Or a plant. The possibilities are endless” line made me laugh. HNg in there- luckily February is the shortest month!


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