Begging forgiveness!

I'm so sorry everyone! I've been enjoying the week I have with my husband here from the UK and have not had the time nor inclination to write a post this week. You'll be happy to know I already have next week's post written and scheduled to go up next Wednesday. For the time being,... Continue Reading →

Featured genus: Peperomia

Peperomia are members of the Piperaceae Family— there are over 1,000 described species, most of which come from tropical South America (Although there are a few that come from Africa as well). Commonly known as “radiator plant” the peperomia has been a much loved houseplant for a long time. Some of the species have succulent-like... Continue Reading →

Holiday gift ideas for plant lovers!

Hi there plant parents! Here's a special first weekend in December blog post for you. I'm feeling rather smug as I've just purchased my final gift for Christmas. The last one was a challenge so I'm feeling extra happy that the task has been completed. It got my thinking, though, that perhaps some of my... Continue Reading →

November Plant Haul

I had expected my plant haul for the month of November to be short and sweet. I figured I would behave myself out of the growing season, but as the days grow shorter and all of the green outside turns to murky brown, I’ve found myself inside my favourite nursery more often that not. So,... Continue Reading →

An amaryllis for grandma

I picked up an amaryllis bulb from the grocery store the other day. You know, one of those grow it yourself kits you always find around the holidays? I have never actually grown one myself, although I have seen it done a number of times. You see, my grandmother has been a green thumb all... Continue Reading →

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